Friday, February 24, 2012

I forgot !

I had my plea for help worded a little incorrectly... still vote from March 7th-April 3rd, but you can help NOW too- 

go to NOW and sign up to receive emails.

If you do, you will be joining the 'wildfire team'. You'll receive a daily email with 3 minute max instructions for spreading the word.

Why now?

The point is to grow the team that is excited about providing water to dying kids BEFORE the voting starts. This is key to making this work!

And it is really fun too! Maybe I just have a boring life or something, but it is sort of fun to get instructions like: 'between 10:00-11:00 AM post this on your facebook wall' It is easy and I love seeing this thing grow and how many people really do care to make a difference!

I know, I know 13 days of this might get a little repetitive and like : enough already! But, if it can actually help provide clean water to other Moms who have to spend a good portion of their day walking to a water source that isn't even that clean? I'm willing to be a pest and to keep hearing about it for 13 days.

So- please post this on your blog now and ask people to go to and join the team by signing up for emails.

You can join the facebook page too and join the chatter there- they have a lot of cool pictures that you can post on your own wall. :)

Alright... thats it for today. 

Oh and on the diabetes front- we have been all over the place for the last week with multiple checks at night for over a week- BUT last night when I checked her at midnight- she was 139!! woohoo!!! (This is a good number for us at midnight) and the first time I'd seen a number starting with 1 in a long time!!!! (at least at night)
So YAY for last night! Praying for a few more nights like that! :)

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